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Compliance services

A truly engaging experience

Aston Ley are perfectly positioned to look after the annual compliance affairs of owner-managed businesses. 

You deserve more than just routine compliance. Are you fed up with your accountancy firm always being reactive? Do you only get advice when you ask the questions? Has the annual compliance cycle become a bit of a headache?

There is a better way.

I'm Paul Dearsley, a highly experienced accountant with the time to look after you. When you appoint me for your annual accounts, business tax and personal tax compliance, I always provide fixed delivery costs and ensure I'm always available to give you the time and the support you desire.


In addition to taking care of your annual compliance I will offer regular face-to-face meetings with you for a truly engaging relationship.

If you require an audit, I sit your side of the table, in a pseudo finance director role, helping you throughout the process.

And of course if specialist support is needed I am highly connected and have key strategic partners to ensure you get the very best advice suited to your needs.

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